Welcome to Kanazawa-shi town development support information system!

About "Kanazawa-shi town development support information system"

This system delivers map information by the Internet for the purpose of offering window service of one stop about regulation information about town development of Kanazawa-shi.

○Information to offer

[information about city planning]

Use districts, fire prevention, associate firebreak zone, high district, municipal facilities, city planning such as city planning roads, agreed districts others

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[scenery information about policy]

Landscape regulation area, Outdoor Advertisement Act area, night scenery formation regulations area, scenic zone, maintenance designation water regulations area others

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[information about architecture]

As for wall surface line, the housing land development, it is construction regulation area, house subsidy area, city street authorization line others

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[other related information (remains maps)]

The well-known buried cultural property ground to enclose, historic places, scenic spot, natural monument

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→The regulations about use of land are this

→Page of duties guidance according to organization

※You showed regulation information in conjunction with building certification application, and please inquire for other regulation separately mainly.

What's New

April 1, 2010
We started full-scale operation of Kanazawa-shi town development support information system.
October 1, 2009
We started examination operation of Kanazawa-shi town development support information system.